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Carpet, Upholstery, & Leather Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning method is called “hot water extraction”; most people refer to this method as “steam cleaning” or “shampooing”. It is a high heat, high pressure truck-mounted cleaning process that works simultaneously with our alkaline pre-spray and spotters to remove the various soils in someone’s home or business. There is also and acid based rinse that runs through our truck mount and in with the water that neutralizes the pre-spray and spotters to leave the pH of the carpet at a neutral state. The acid balancing out the alkaline is important, and especially in the right amounts, because too much of either will lead to the carpeted area resoiling at a higher rate. The acid or alkaline act like a magnet and attract soils to them.

The process goes like this:

  1. A thorough vacuuming of the carpeted area including around the edges of the room(s) to remove any loose dirt of debris from the floor.
  2. Specific spotting and pre-spray are applied to the carpet.
  3. Agitation with a carpet rake to begin the process of loosening up the soils in the carpet.
  4. The actual cleaning. Two separate lines will be ran into the house from the truck outside. One will be a solution line carrying in the water and rinse from the truck. The other will be a vacuum line that will carry the water, soils and carpet treatment out of the house to the tank on the truck. Both of these lines hook up to a carpet wand which is the actual tool we use to clean the carpet.
  5. Dry strokes. Extra strokes with the wand are taken to remove more water from the carpet to help speed up the drying process.
  6. Air Movers are also available for us to bring to the job to help speed up the drying process even more, but must be requested and cost extra.
  7. A final grooming of the carpet with the carpet rake allows us to stand the carpet fibers back up so that they do not dry incorrectly.

Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

The process for upholstery is very similar to that of carpet. The main differences are that the heat and pressure for the water used for upholstery is much less than that of carpet. Also the pre-spray must be worked in by hand. A different tool is also used for upholstery; it is a handheld version of the carpet wand. However, textiles that have adverse reactions to water, such as leather or suede, have their own specific methods for cleaning and maintenance.

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